Yokohama-Odesa 2020 tournament

December 26, 2020

With the support of: the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan, the Japanese Club (Odesa), Go-Club “Kosumi” (Odesa), Kharkiv Go Federation

The Yokohama-Odesa Tournament is an online Go tournament between Odesa, Ukraine and Yokohama, Japan, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the establishment of twinning relations between the cities.

Playing site: KGS Go server – Yokohama vs Odesa 2020 room.

System: In each round, players of one team play against players of the other team. Pairs cannot be repeated. The team that wins more in the round wins the round. The maximum number of rounds is 3.

Time control: 25 minutes main time and Japanese byoyomi 5×30 seconds per move.
If the ranks of the opponents differ by more than two levels, the game takes place on a handicap equal to the difference between the ranks minus two.


Opening ceremony:
December 26, 16:45 (Tokyo), 9:45 (Kyiv)

Round I: 17:00 (Tokyo), 10:00 (Kyiv)

Round II: 18:30 (Tokyo), 11:30 (Kyiv)

Round III: 20:30 (Tokyo), 13:30 (Kyiv)

Closing ceremony: December 26, 22:00 (Tokyo), 15:00 (Kyiv).

The opening and closing ceremonies will be held by e-mail and via the link: Players get all the necessary information about the tournament from here.

Main organizer and referee: Valerii Liverinov (“liver”),

Entry fee.

Registration: until 25th December 2020 (23:59 Kyiv time)

Please fill all the columns in the link below. The information has to be valid for the whole tournament:

The tournament between Yokohama and Odesa cities has been canceled.

There will be a tournament between the members of the Odesa team, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of twinning relations between the cities of Yokohama and Odesa.